The festival is a response to the underrepresentation of black people in the technology industry – especially those who are marginalised in additional ways – as well as tech conferences and festivals being too expensive for many to attend. We want to create a festival that is intentionally diverse and inclusive of those often excluded.

We look forward to welcoming you, whatever your age, gender, class or ability. Whether you’ve never written a line of code or regularly contribute to a huge project, Afrotech Fest is for you.

For more information on who this festival is for read our FAQs.

General programme

The two-day programme will kick off on Friday afternoon where attendees will have the chance to listen to speakers from all sectors of the tech industry.

Youth programme

Our youth track allows young black techies to travel in many lanes. It includes a tech fair, making stations, coding sessions and dozens of free kits from our supporters Makey Makey and Micro:bit.

Digital installations

The installations will be a collection of physical prototypes, photography, film and sound that aims to promote the visibility of black people in tech.


We’re a team of activists, artists, techies and community leaders who are focused on black communities in the UK. Afrotech Fest seeks to bring together these strands, specifically serving black people and creating conversations and connections beyond ‘networking’ or bending to fit into the current industries and climate.