We care about your privacy. When Afrotech Fest collects information about you, our Privacy Policy describes how we handle that information.

We may receive personal information from you if you buy a ticket to the festival; if you sign up to hear updates about Afrotech Fest; based on your interaction with us on social media platforms; if you submit a workshop or talk proposal; if you submit user feedback or a request to us.

Payment processing and your data

Our payment processor, Tito, may use cookies to track page views, and browser statistics. This information can be passed along to an event organiser to give them information about how many people are viewing their event. Cookies are not required to complete registrations on Tito and can be disabled safely.

Additionally, Tito allows organisers to use tracking services such as Google Analytics, Google AdWords or Facebook’s Advertising software in order for a organiser to obtain metrics on how users engage with their website. This helps them to improve their site content.

Registration information is passed along to the organisers of the event. Tito never share attendee information with any third party.

Tito does not share any financial information transmitted from payment processing with event organisers. Tito’s Privacy Policy can be found on their site.

You can control individual cookie preferences, indicate your cookie preferences to others, and opt-out of web analytics and optimisation tools.

  • Cookie History: You can accept or decline individual cookies in your browser preferences.
  • Do Not Track: Afrotech Fest does not track users across third party websites to provide targeted advertising.
  • Email: Our marketing communications are optional to receive and you can unsubscribe from the footer of any marketing email you receive or by emailing us. Don’t worry, we won’t spam you, nor will we ever share your contact information without your permission. We use Mailchimp for our email marketing communications. When you sign up to our mailing list, the information you provide will be shared with Mailchimp for processing in line with their Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.