The youth programme features groups from all over the UK who are working with young black people to introduce and encourage a curiosity of tech to a new generation of thinkers . We’re pleased to welcome Coders of Colour, South London Raspberry Jam, Momo Pixel and Rijole Bitata from S.T.E.A.M POWER.


On Saturday 27th, you’ll find workshops on coding your own game, building your own robot and more. Our making stations will be packed with kits kindly donated by our supporters, so you can make your own portable speaker, weather sensor or produce an artwork with conductive paint. In addition to all of this we will have a hackathon for young people aged 14+. Lastly, we'll have a tech fair, where young people from all over the UK will present their inventions for a chance to take some of our kits home.


  • Build a Balloon-powered Car with Rijole Bitata

    10:30am – 11:30am

    In this workshop you will learn how to build your own powered car using a balloon. The project will test your patience, dexterity and creativity. All you need is tons of positive thinking!

    Age: All ages welcome

    Text-based Adventure Games in Java with Coders of Colour

    11:00am – 12:00pm

    A short and gentle introduction to programming by making a simple text-based adventure game.

    Age: 10+

    You got a dope idea, now what? with Momo Pixel

    12:00pm – 1:00pm

    Momo will walk you through how to take a game idea from inside your head, onto paper, and into production.

    Age: 10+

    The Microbit Robot Challenge with South London Raspberry Jam.

    1:50pm – 2:50pm

    Participants will be given an introduction to the MicroBit with an ice-breaker, and then given a simple task to flash code on to the Microbit. The second part of the challenge will involve teams using the Robo:Bit Buggy, and downloading the BitBot library to complete increasingly difficult challenges.

    Age: All ages welcome

    'Virtual Reality + Architecture Futures' with Alisha Fisher and Bola Lasisi-Agiri

    1:50pm – 2:50pm

    If you could design your own communities and cities better, how would you envision them to be? We're giving you the tools and challenging you to create and play with your future realities.

    Age: 14+

  • Making station

    For young people from age 4 all the way up to 18, with each station holding a special place for any young person who sees themself as a artist, builder, community organiser, developer, educator or maybe all five. We have connected with community groups who are bringing us some fun and challenging workshops, exploring topics from robotics to VR and making kits on each station to build their own projects.


    Our tech fair opens at 10:30am on Saturday and will showcase inventions from young people all over the UK. Submissions are still open and can be submitted by filling out this form

    Download our tech fair guidelines for more information.


We have exciting installations in the youth programme suitable for all ages, including Momo Pixel's Hair Nah.


    A chance to connect... On the day, coloured stickers will be available for all the young people in the youth programme to find the constellation that fits to them best.


This track is for young people who are interested in front-end development, graphic design, designing interfaces or music hacking. If you’ve ever dreamed of designing a killer CSS animation, creating music out of data or character designs to share with your friends, this is the constellation is for you.


This track is for young people who are interested in our ‘bring along your science/tech project’, where you'll exchange ideas and interact with other young people's projects/inventions. In the tech fair, you’ll show your design and development process, and what your invention aims to change or create in the world. And if you get stuck you could always ask for help from the people in your constellation.


This track is for young people who are interested in how technology can impact the world around them. We will look at ideas such as privacy, hacktivism, open source structures, accessibility and learn about some of the big ethical issues of our time. You’ll need a lot of people in this constellation.


This track is for young people interested in back-end development. Here we’ll cover everything from github, Java and the command-line, through to creating the architecture needed to make your own game or robot. Any builder or inventor needs extra hands so this is constellation may be for you.


Parents, teachers, youth group and social workers are invited to take part and be taught by the young people themselves on how to use the kits, interact with inventions and learn new ways of engaging your students or youth group. You want to change the process? This constellation is no joke!


There is no box for this person. No one colour. They delve into all things and want to work and walk on all paths. We can't wait to meet you! All of you! What a constellation this will be!